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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of 200 Motels later this year, IBS asked many of those scheduled to appear at the cancelled 2021 edition of Festival MOO-AH – plus several chums, old and new – to record a selection of choice cuts from FZ’s opus for a new album on Cordelia Records.

Here’s what we produced for you lucky people:

200 Messy Motels Overture/Fully Fraudulent – Fraz Knapp Fusion Project
Fraz Knapp - drums / Sarah Wright - vocals, keys, Synth / Ed Newton - bass / Carlo Bowry - guitar / Mike Smith - sax / Ian Gray - vocals. Produced by Fraz Knapp @ KnappTone Studio/Devon, June 2021.

Mystery Roach – Mike Kidson
Mike Kidson - everything. Recorded at home on a computer, May 2021.

What's The Name Of Your Group? – Z.E.R.O.
Juliana Brandon - female vocal chorus / Niklas Lychou - male vocal chorus, acoustic guitar / Mark Watson - growl / Jimmy Thomas - Squirrlocastersynthomatron / Rob Mitchell - batterie & additional synthesizers / Kevin Crosby - 6 string bass, synthesizers & percussion. Arranged, engineered and produced by Kevin Crosby. Mastered by Steve Turnidge.

Would You Like A Snack? – Johnny Hawk & The Pavement Oysters (hear here)
Sam Ward - guitar & engineering / Kevin Crosby - bass / John Parkinson - drums / Andrew Greenaway - vocals & whistling. Recorded in England and Seattle, March 2021. Mixed at home in Sam's lonely teenage room.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt – Burger & The Beast
Julian Simms - lead vocal & guitar / Darren Taylor – backing vocals & percussion / Phil Stunell – guitar / Simon Prudames – bass / Adam Nicholas – drums. Recorded at The Utility Burger Research Kitchen (South West UK Subsidiary). Produced by Darren Taylor & Phil Stunell. Mixed by Phil Stunell.

Dew On The Newts We Got / Little Green Scratchy Sweaters & Courduroy Ponce / A Nun Suit Painted On Some Old Boxes / Lucy's Seduction Of A Bored Violinist & Postlude – Aunty Owl
Helen Tate - vocals & violin / Graham Davis - vocals, iPad, guitar, keys & percussion. Recorded in West Ealing on a Zoom 16 Track.

She Painted Up Her Face / Janet's Big Dance Number / Half A Dozen Provocative Squats – Hakan Tuna
Hakan Tuna – vocals, piano-keyboards / Aziz Mehmet – bass guitar / Mark Claydon – drums & percussion. Recorded at Studio Zapcho, London, April - May 2021. Engineered Hakan Tuna & Mark Claydon (drum takes). Produced and mixed by Hakan Tuna. Mix assistant Dr Naz.

MysteriosoValentina Ciardelli
Arranged and performed by Valentina Ciardelli. Sound engineering by Alvaro Siculiana.

Shove It Right In – London Zappa Collective
Josefine Fox – vocals / Steve Churchouse - vocals / Mike Fox – guitar & vocals / Ian Stone - guitar and bass / Borek Smékal - saxophone / John Emmerson – bass / Jon Pedler – drums. Recorded live at Festival Moo-ah by and at Lockdown Studios London by members of the band. Mixed by Mike Fox.

What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning? – Treacherous Cretins
Ollie Hill - trombone / Jen Parkinson - keyboards / Sam Ward - guitar / Bernardo Larisch - bass / John Parkinson - drums. Recorded remotely, produced and mixed in London by Sam.

Magic Fingers – Turbulator
Geoff Pointer - arrangement; recording and production; household, workshop and voice sampling and programming; logic bass programming; live guitars, drums and bari sax. All carried out at Backshed Studios, Royston Park, South Australia, September 2020 through April 2021.

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy – Dan Spanner
Dan Spanner - baritone saxes, vocals and percussion / Helen Tate - vocals. Recorded and mixed by Dan Spanner at SpannerHQ.

Penisens StorlekHans Annellsson & Mats Öberg
Mats Öberg - piano / Hans Annellsson - translation / Pia Aprea-Sång - vocals. Produced by HA & MÖ. Mixed and mastered by Janne Brovall. This song originally appeared on the album Från A Till Ö in 2015. Used with kind permission of Annellssongs.

Strictly GenteelFred Händl
Arranged and performed by Fred Händl. Recorded live in The Yellow Hippo Studios, May 2021. Sound engineering by Jean-Baptiste Steymères.

Squats Medley (Slight Return) – Muffin Men
Ian "Jumpy" Jump - electric & acoustic guitars / Mike "Bloke" Kidson - sax, recorder, soprano & tenor cornemuse, percussion / Paul "Rhino" Ryan - drums / Phil "Phil" Hearn - keyboards / Phillip "Eggy" Oakes - basses / Vintage Muffin Remnants - sounds. Recorded in homes by almost everyone, April-May 2021. Stitched together and mixed by Ian Jump. Big thanks to Roddie Gilliard and the Zappa Trust.

Some of this music is not on the original soundtrack album. Some of this music is not in the movie. Much of this music is de(ar)ranged.

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Previously from IBS, on Cordelia Records:


None of the artists involved make a penny from these CDs. But Cordelia thinks that, after manufacturing costs and mechanical royalties, they might break even. One day.