Jimmy Carl Black Memorial Nite

Canning Town 9-xi-2008

poem by Out To Lunch with drums by Evil Dick and cosmic debris from Gamma



Forge imminent carbon livid in beat booth

With dog broth better than beetle sterns in rasping

Snork dilemma brute burn ofay fire inside

My dilemma big enough to burst a cottonsock boundary

In vista hard relent, my totality obdurate

My beanbag facto-pants with truth measure

A bassdrum rattle amidst the tweetery

With rocksolid rudiments as object-with-casters


From where I'm sitting with my ear to the speaker

Down sure looks like up to me


And the tipsyturnover of a beer-soaked melody

Is grasping pinion in the newspaper

Whose kids-to-feed is an anti-teen growerage

A gardener's lurk with sprouting advice logic

In how-to-live by living through contemporary absurdity with

Curds of woe stacked sideways in bizarre conjunct

And my cutting edge suddenly sees Eugene and Roddie

As twin-star support systems in a chaos system

Rendered by flashlight with beer and amplifiers

Direct sight sound as intricately amusing with

Patina of repartee ornamenting the seasoned surface

Lacquer sunburst finish never finish with ragged "oot" extras

And raving vikings with fire escapes and sudden shutters

And surreal biker bandana searing the chumpsucker

With five-four as weighty salute to intelligent muscle

A reprimand to the cleancut folks and pretenders


Ah, sane split me with a z-buckle, battleship gruel in poster paint

Eight dotes to float for Frank "Bunny" Mabbit in Burdock

With ginger-ale shaker-furnishings like a badbroom cupboard

And folkloric vistas opening up in retail joke books

Push past the pyjama population with gilt-edged uneasiness

And cruncher mackintosh like a Tang bowl with curved teeth on

The dragons are in our midst and the friendly fire

Warms the turtles of your greenery with missing Rhino orgasm

In arguable dialect foreseen like a scooper

And the doggie poo waft-by is reminiscent of the cheapies

Where the greased seat poses daft questionable leger-de-main

In franzözisch headspanner spoke-in-the-Spaniards whose

Auntie Jenkins fandango is sealed into miniature dicklets

Frostbitten knee pads with unguent support and Chernobyl

Glowing in the far distant contact lens


The poignant rip of the ducktape


Plenitudinous shake-milk and memory mix to a tear-infested camper van

Mulch myriad trade lift in gap-year surmise like a sourire

Because it's all down to emphasis

Because it's all down to emphasis

And the hardcork gorgon is breathing in animal-art iconography

With chiselled paisley and Elvis Parsley

Green tureen and a sodium flare-by-nite

The relent meant and the seesaw, Sugarpie di Santo!

And Soul Giants and Goal Science and "Success My Ass!"

With cobblers raining down on cobblers, and cobras

With brasserie lights in the dew-flecked dawn

Up and down the Reeperbahn and

Dread elephant sundae restroom fisticuffs belabour

And my aralia elegatissma and my portion ticket

And the ring-round-Geronimo paintbrush and Beefheart

Kaleidoscope Jimmy and Burnside Carlo

Black as your hat and twice as nifty

Outré policy on pacifist Monday

With tribute in loot of respect, pay-day pentathlon dreary-me bicycle

Fan fart with submarine gusto, the turquoise pilaster &

The long "a" of disaster …

Rent rip! Rent rip! It's lord-only-knows in the cheap seats

Behemoth backing band


Blue-jean farago with actionable rendez-vous paid-plus unlikely derailment

Infection as acted with Elroy James Flecker and moon-appal by the cut crime

The lunatic luger has eaten the Spargel

Derivation connect job ant/eye acid with spike from the snare

And beef in the cauldron by judgment unending

In basement after basement with rocking innuendo

"Salt Peanuts" a cinch for the freakeroonie unphased by mere complexity

No Berklee School could have made this guy up, baby

Oh Jimmy Carl Black, we'll miss you!


Out To Lunch

11:51pm 8-xi-2008