Capital Zappa!



Several years ago, Zappa Gear author Mick Ekers and I talked about writing a Zappa’s London book together – detailing places in the UK’s capital where Frank stayed, played and recorded. This plan mutated into a possible video ZappaCast where we would film ourselves at the spots as they are today.
    Nothing came of either idea.

    I later became involved in helping put together The Zappa Tour Atlas, which included a map of all the places Frank ever dwelled in during his lifetime. One of these was a house in London, where he lived with Gail, Moon and Dweezil for several months whilst filming 200 Motels. Sam Ward of Treacherous Cretins is now keen for a blue plaque to be placed there.
    This renewed my interest in Zappa’s London.

    Seeing a friend Tweet that Liverpool was Frank’s spiritual home around the time that MOJO magazine issued maps showing notable places in Liverpool and London where The Beatles hung out, made me approach Art For Dinosaurs about the possibility of producing a Zappa’s London map. The plan was to have these ready for April 18, 2020 when Pygmy Twylyte, Treacherous Cretins and Napoleon Murphy Brock were scheduled to play in the heart of the city (this gig at the 100 Club has obviously been postponed).
    Anyhow, following its sterling work on the Lost Meat CD, Art For Dinosaurs came up trumps again. When I mentioned the map to Professor Ekers, he suggested I stick it on a tea towel. But instead, we have produced a spiffy Zappa’s London pocket map (on A3, 170gsm gloss paper, folding to 148.5 x 140mm, in full colour, double-sided) with text detailing the significance of 18 locations. A thing of beauty, fer sure.
    I have had 100 of these printed up, plus a limited edition set of six 25mm pin badges of  ‘hot spots’ has also been produced. I am now offering these for sale online via The Idiot Bastard Shop.

    To coincide with this, I compiled a Spotify playlist, wrote this essay,  and stitched together a promotional YouTube video with an exclusive soundtrack recording. Get amongst it!




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