And so, the Idiot Bastard's collaboration with Cordelia Records ( has become a trilogy. In four parts. This time we looked at some of the rare and unmined gems in Frankie's oeuvre, with friends old and new.

Here’s the track list:


                                                                                         1.            VARIANT #1 by Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra
Kevin Crosby: acoustic bass guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, digital widgets

Rupert Kettle: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, dobro, lap-steel, ukulele

                                                                                         2.            FALLING IN LOVE IS A STUPID HABIT by The Vegetarians   VIDEO
Marc Mollan: vocals

Hans Annellsson: everything else

                                                                                         3.            BOGNOR REGIS by Jerry Outlaw & Friends
Jerry Outlaw: guitars

Alex Pasut: bass guitar

Bill Ehrsam: drums

Rick Olson: keyboards

David Pate: saxophone

                                                                                         4.            RALPH STUFFS HIS SHOES by Todd Grubbs Group feat J Todd Plant and Daniel Swartwood
J Todd Plant: vocals

Todd Grubbs:  guitar

Daniel Swartwood: keyboards

Alan Tatum: bass

Jeff Henry: drums

                                                                                         5.            MICE by Evil Dick   VIDEO
Richard Hemmings: electroacoustic manipulations

                                                                                         6.            PORTUGUESE LUNAR LANDING by Fuchsprellen
Peter Brunelli: everything

                                                                                         7.            MO’S VACATION by Marc Atkinson   VIDEO
Marc Atkinson: drums

Arthur Barrow: bass

Ed Mann: percussion

                                                                                         8.            CLOWNS ON VELVET by Lex Bronkowitz Orchestra
Lex Bronkowitz: guitars, rhodes, bass, banjo, programming, arrangement

                                                                                         9.            LITTLE DOTS by Gumbo Variation   AUDIO | VIDEO
James Burns: guitar

Ollie Snell: guitar

Robin Breeze: bass

Joe Burns: drums

                                                                                   10.            ROLLO by Chato Segerer   VIDEO
Chato Segerer: vocals, guitars, bass, synth, keyboard strings, arrangement

Sebastian Berg: drums

                                                                                   11.            BRUTALITY by Neither Beasts, Nor Gods
J21: guitar, keyboards, programming

Marc Curcio: bass, guitar

                                                                                   12.            VELVET SUNRISE by Spanner Jazz Punks
Adam Bickerton: bass, vocals

Paul Chousmer: keyboards, mixing

Bobby Demers: drums, vocals

Dan Spanner: vocals, guitar, ukulele, alto sax, bass clarinet, flute

Helen Tate: vocals, violin, ukulele

Mike Wade: vocals

                                                                                   13.            WE ARE NOT ALONE by ZAPPATiKA   AUDIO
Battatutti: drums, imaginary silence
Zap Mcinnes: vocals
Zomby Woof: guitars, midi programming (sax, marimba)
Bongo Fury: other stuff, some imaginary notes
Ke: violin
Indian Joe P: bass


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For those who care, the Idiot Bastard and all the artists involved do not make a penny from these albums. But Cordelia Records think that, after manufacturing costs and mechanical royalties, they might be able to break even – within twenty or thirty years.