Just another collaboration between the Idiot Bastard and Cordelia Records – this time a modern rendering of The Mothers’ monstrous masterpiece from 1970 (with magnificent cover art by Antero Valério).

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Here’s how it looks:

01.   Didja Get Any Onya?  / 02. Directly From My Heart To You by Spanner Jazz Punks  AUDIO
Adam Bickerton – bass; Bobby Demers – drum kit; Helen Tate – violin and vocals; Dan Spanner – all other instruments. Drum kit recorded by Bobby Demers at his studio. The rest recorded by Dan Spanner in the cauldron at SpannerHq. Mixed by Dan Spanner & Stanley Hanna-Carpenter.

03.   Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Sexually Aroused Gas Mask by Inventionis Mater  VIDEO (Kong’s Revenge! version)
From the Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune, to the theme of the finale of Firebird, to the Pathetic Symphony of Tchaikovsky. Voices, laughter, and sobs on the piano. A tribute to the “sacra follia” dimension of the divertita of Frank. This piece was recorded in two versions: the first, which is the one on this album. The second, Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Sexually Aroused Gorilla, is angled towards a simian setting and appears on Kong’s Revenge! We thank the great Tommy Bianchi and Andrea Pellegrini for joining us for the voices inside the piano.

04.   Toads Of The Short Forest by Gumbo Variation  VIDEO
Recorded and mixed at home from September to December 2014, it's our very own version of Toads Of The Short Forest! We've included sections from early live arrangements of the track, parts from orchestral covers and ended with something of our own. Versions with alternative solos and extra goodies can be downloaded from our Bandcamp page for absolutely free.

05.   Get A Little by Jerry Outlaw & Friends featuring Todd Grubbs
This is our version of Get A Little, an improvisation by Frank Zappa from the Weasels Ripped My Flesh album. We took our own liberties with the arrangement since it was an improv anyway. We offer our best effort to offend your ear with unauthorised electric guitar wankery. Todd Grubbs – lead guitars; Jerry Outlaw – lead and rhythm guitars; Alex Pasut – bass guitar; Bill Ehrsam – drums. Recorded and engineered by Bill Ehrsam at MindShaft Studios. Special thanks to EMG pickups, MORLEY pedals, Virgil guitars and Scott Davis at Granville.
www.boguspomp.net / www.toddgrubbs.com

06.   The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue by Evil Dick  AUDIO
First and foremost, let’s not forget this tune was Frank’s tribute to multi-instrumentalist, jazz genius, Eric Dolphy. I began my version by transcribing the melody, bass and drums from the WRMF CD. This took A WHILE. When it was time to put the track together, I wanted to incorporate some ‘period’ effects, such as ring modulators. I wanted to create a version that maintained a bit of the timbral oddness of the original version whilst at the same time subjecting it to a more up-to-date kind of digital mutilation (i.e. my excuse to shove in a bit of Evil Dick). On a few occasions I wondered what Eric would think of this tribute...and what would Frank think of it? But I wasn’t THAT worried.

07.   Dwarf Nebula Processional March & Dwarf Nebula by Fuchsprellen  AUDIO
Fuchsprellen thinks Dwarf Nebula could be commercial, but not on our watch! An international congress of hungry freaks conspire to answer the musical question: a nebula of dwarves, or an undersized nebula? Annemarieke Eriksson Schoonderwaldt on violins and vocals, Ivan Leirvik on Guitars, Steve Chillemi on vibraphone, bass clarinet and vocals, Pete Brunelli on lots of other stuff including bass and special noises, and the Fuchsprellen Big Band with time-traveling guest guitarist Ivan Leirvik providing a facemelting climax of heroic proportion. Dwarf Nebula, indeed.

08.   My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama by Muffin Men
The neo-retro band 2007: Rhino, Jumpy, Waco, Mikey and Roddie, recorded and mixed by The Bean, live at the Robin, Bilston. A good example of the band fooling with our original arrangement from waybackwhen.

09.   Oh No! by Zappatistas
Oh No! is a mix of brand new interpretation and vintage recording. The front section consists of a John Etheridge guitar solo over Steve Lodder's piano, treating the theme with a jazz sensibility, which then morphs into a live recording from the Fairfield Halls in 2002 (thank you Paul Hurt), featuring Etheridge and Lodder plus Simon Bates on tenor saxophone, Shanti Jayasinha on trumpet, Annie Whitehead on trombone, Rob Statham on bass, and the indefatigable Mike Bradley on drums. In other words, the band that they call......the Zappatistas.

10.   The Orange County Lumber Truck by Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra  AUDIO
Working title: Orange County Starship. Juliana Brandon – vocals; Rupert Kettle – electric guitar, slide guitar; Prairie Prince – drums; Kevin Crosby – electric bass, ukulele, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, arrangement and sequencing. Produced by Kevin / Recorded at Egg Studios, Seattle. Engineer: Conrad Uno. PP's drums were recorded at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco. Engineer: Chris von Sneidern. Mixed by Kevin and Conrad. Mastered by Steve Turnidge at Ultraviolet Studios, Seattle.

11.   Weasels Ripped My Flesh by ZAPPATiKA
A reworking of the track Weasels Ripped My Flesh. The original is more a cacophony of feedback so...an odd project, but a nice challenge! And we never say no. So we set to work with this. After mucho mucho mixing, and considerable lacerations to the flesh of various band members, here is the result. "There are Weasels loose in here!"


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For those who care, the Idiot Bastard and all the artists involved do not make a penny from these albums. But Cordelia Records think that, after manufacturing costs and mechanical royalties, they might be able to break even. Within twenty or thirty years.