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“An Evening With Wild Man Fischer” To Be Released On CD For The First Time Ever!


London, UK - For the first time ever, legendary underground classic “An Evening With Wild Man Fischer” produced by Frank Zappa will be released on CD by Gonzo Multimedia! The album has been out of print for decades and original vinyl copies are highly sought after!


Born Larry Wayne Fischer in Los Angeles, California, Wild Man Fischer was institutionalized at age 16, and later diagnosed with two mental disorders, severe paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Following his escape from the hospital (he said no one ever bothered to take him back there), Fischer wandered Los Angeles singing his songs a capella for 10 cents each to passers-by. Discovered on the street by Frank Zappa, with whom he recorded his first album in 1968, Fischer became an underground concert favourite. Zappa was responsible for Fischer's initial foray into the business of recorded music, an album called “An Evening With Wild Man Fischer”, which contained 36 tracks, some of which contained musical accompaniment by Zappa and some of the Mothers of Invention members, and others featured Wild Man Fischer solo.


The CD will be released on 29 January 2016.




Disc One


The Basic Fischer


1. Merry-Go-Round

2. New Kind of Songs for Sale

3. I’m Not Shy Anymore

4. Are You from Clovis

5. The Madness of Ecstacy Larry’s Songs (unaccompanied)

6. Which Way Did the Freaks Go

7. I’m Working for the Federal Bureau Of Narcotics

8. The Leaves Are Falling

9. 85 Times

10. Cops and Robbers

11. Monkeys Versus Donkeys

12. Start Life over Again

13. The Mope

14. Life Brand New

15. Who Did It Johnny

16. Think of Me When Your Clothes Are Off

17. Taggy Lee

18. Rhonda

19. I Looked Around You

20. Jennifer Jones


Disc Two


Some Historical Notes


1. The Taster

2. Story of the Taster

3. The Rocket Rock

4. Explanation and Dialog

5. Dream Girl

6. Dream Girl Explanation

7. Serrano Beach

8. Success Will Not Make Me Happy

9. Wild Man on the Strip Again


In Conclusion


10. Why Am I Normal

11. Wild Man Fischer Story

12. Balling Isn’t Everything

13. Ugly Beautiful Girl

14. Larry and His Guitar

15. Circle

16. Larry Under Pressure



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